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The Environmental Health Clinic with BMOCA, EcoArts Connections, Boulder Public Library, Environmental Design Program at CU Boulder are initiating a challenge to redesign Boulder to improve human and environmental health, and to provide creative leadership to an international initiative called PLAN B that will use the experiments, pilots from Boulder to inform other cities.

DESIGNxBOULDER is an initiative launching three projects including:

1) the Boulder TREExOFFICE—a coworking space owned and operated by the Civic Center Linden Tree (Sarah).

2) a FLOWERxFACADE, to demonstrate how public signage could cross promote the interests of organizations AND organisms (including humans) and develop urban floriculture, and a range of flower-based delectables and neutraceuiticals.

3) XHIBITION is an Environmental Health Clinic(xCLINIC) Collaboratory to develop and Implement Creative Systems to Improve Human and Environmental Health surveying concrete examples of projects that can aggregate into XHIBITION includes advisory board called Doctors without Disciplinary Borders (DR X) to draw on the expertise of diverse specialists and academics and to invite transdisciplinary collaboration in innovative urban systems design.

Find more information on these projects at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA) linked here. 

PLAN B explores strategies for urban infrastructure transformation that meet and exceed the goals set at the outcome of COP21—the 21st international climate convention held in Paris at the end of 2015. Although modestly ambitious, this globally significant meeting uses strategies of regulatory control, non market and market incentives that have so far demonstrated limited success in significantly transforming infrastructure (and the behavior these infrastructures support). However, it is the creative agency of cities, their cultural institutions and their talented inhabitants that are critical to significant transformation, and this is the focus of xCLINIC.

Plan B posits that BOULDER is an intellectual leader, internationally, drawing on the extraordinary brain trust and demonstrated commitment to progressive, ambitious environmental and social goals. By using the paradigm of mutualistic system design we can transform our shared urban infrastructure to achieve “more than less” and explore systems that can produce substantial cultural and environmental benefits. Adapted to the local conditions and communities beyond Boulder, including Barcelona, Bogota, Beijing, Berlin, Burlington, (Ho)Bart, and Brisbane (another floodable city) which enable each of these cities to significantly exceed the COP21 goals (in terms carbon emissions and energy transformation, and additional parameters of human and environmental health).

To re-imagine and redesign our relationship to natural systems is the SPACERACE of this century. XHIBITION proposes that we can experiment with new infrastructure—waste, energy, distribution, food and information systems; and that we can produce GOODxGOODS, the  production and consumption of which improves health. To your health and towards a Museum of Natural Futures!

The Environmental Health Clinic (xCLINIC) addresses external determinants of health: air quality, food, waste, distribution and energy systems, and creates a participatory context to assume our creative agency and “response-ability” for who and how we innovate our shared urban systems. xCLINIC demonstrates and promotes the concept that we can design infrastructure that IMPROVES AIR, WATER AND SOIL QUALITY,  INCREASES BIODIVERSITY and most critically PROMOTES HUMAN HEALTH—the best proxy for the common good. It is not enough to reduce our food miles, waste or energy use. Lessening negative impacts is not sufficient, and does not by itself the develop alternative energy, food, transportation. To co-produce a tasty, biodiverse and desirable future we draw on the creative independent agency (CIA) of diverse humans and nonhumans, the strength of which is in their diversity.

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