Jeremijenko receives high volumes of email
so be concise and please have patience.

Lectures or speaking engagements
For most speaking engagements Jeremijenko is represented by the Lavin Agency, to whom requests should be directed. She is also available for talks at organisations that are able to commission, host or exhibit a project, in which case see ‘Commissioning or exhibiting projects’ below.

Advisory services for organizations
Jeremijenko is available to cities, companies and organizations interested in significantly improving environmental performance using creative and participatory strategies. She specialises in climate change, socio-ecological systems design and ‘Smart City’ issues and has particular experience in developing strategies that involve direct citizen engagement and participation in making sense of urban and environmental issues. Please email us here with details about your initiative.


Commissioning or exhibiting projects
Many of Jeremijenko’s projects are available for exhibition but the priority is on commissions that are able to support new work. If you are interested in commissioning or exhibiting a project email us here with full details of your event, schedule, expected audience and ideally include some indication of your budget range.

Research positions or academic queries
If you have an academic query or questions relating to your own work, or you are interested an internship or residency at the Environmental Health Clinic, email us here and include a link to your research or portfolio.